Hey friends I hope you made it through this week we had. It has been quite an interesting week but I’m happy to say right now all is well with me. I did venture out tonight after work and did my grocery shopping. I didn’t need a whole lot but I did need to get eggs and milk so I had to get to the grocery store at some point this weekend. I also picked up a few cans of soup because that’s pretty much what I live on right now since I’m not able to eat regular foods with my achalasia. Right now I’m supposed to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN at the end of April to see what they can do to take care of my achalasia. I wonder if all the virus stuff going on will change that or not.

I did some knitting this week. I have been working on the latest hat and needle review knitting along with a couple dishcloths. I knit 2 of my Wallace dishcloths and I think I’m going to knit another one tonight. It’ll be some late night knitting for me. Usually on Friday nights I call it an early night because I’m early on Saturday morning to go to work but that’s not happening this week. With all the virus stuff going around work has told us no more working on Saturdays so my weekends have freed up a whole lot. I wish I could be working but I can’t so I’ll be spending my time at home working on my knitting and other craft fun.

I better get to knitting on my dishcloth. I think tonight’s dishcloth is going to be my Adam dishcloth but I’m not sure what yarn I’m going to use.

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