Ross hat in 4 yarn weights
The Ross hat knitted in 4 different yarn weights.

I’ve finally updated my Ross hat pattern and it now includes instructions to knit the hat in 4 different yarn weights so you can knit the hat in your favorite yarn weight. I’ve included instructions for fingering weight, DK weight, worsted weight and bulky weight yarns.

You can find the pattern on the free patterns page.

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  1. Hi Ross, many thanks for sharing your Ross hat pattern in 4ply ,DK , Aran , and Chunky yarns, this is going to be a well used pattern as I have plenty of odd balls of yarns in all those mentioned above!!, I must take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy your podcasts/videos , I appreciate you sharing with us your completed projects , I really liked the blue hat that you made for yourself it suited you and made your eyes look very blue brought out the colour of your beautifully. I liked the blue/green yarn you were showing us on your podcast today , I think that would make a lovely scarf for yourself ! I think you’ve decided on the green/yellow one instead. I can empathise with you regarding your oesophagus I too had to go for a endoscopy but they decided to do a gastroscopy instead ( camera into stomach instead of oesophagus only) They found out I had a corkskrew oesophagus , I have trouble eating solid foods so I can understand the problems your having , not very nice is it living off sloppy cooked veg or liquid soups. Boring lol, I hope that they can find a solution to your problem real soon. You look ok as you are Ross , don’t let people get you upset with their thoughtless comments , well take care of yourself and keep safe, keep the podcasts/video’s coming I enjoy them all , nice chatting with you best wishes Pat Valentino from England UK.

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